Monday, October 26, 2009

Meet the coolest ringtone siblings for your BlackBerry

Ringtone Shuffler, a ringtone shuffling software by Gx5 is a new BlackBerry software that lets you hear a different custom ringtone each time you receive a call. This feature is extremely useful when you have many custom ringtones that you have added to your BlackBerry and wish to enjoy them all. This great new software lets users personalise their phones and calls and helps break the monotony of having a single ringtone for every call.

ringtone shuffler

Additionally, Ringtone Shuffler also allows users to shuffle ringtones from a pre-selected list of ringtones. This means that users can also decide the list of ringtones for shuffling. This allows users to categorize their ringtones and select different lists according to their mood or wish, quite like a music playlist. For instance, if you have around 20 ringtones but you wish to hear only 5 of those, you can choose those five and only they will shuffle. Ringtone Shuffler also offers smart shuffling.

The BlackBerry Ringtone Shuffler works best when used in combination with the BlackBerryRing ToneMaker produced by the same company. The BlackBerryRing ToneMaker is a Windows desktop application that lets users custom make their own BlackBerry ringtones using the music available in their music library. This eliminates the need of purchasing ringtones for the BlackBerry.

Its intuitive interface automatically transfers the custom ringtones to the smartphone and even offers features like fade in and fades out of ringtones. Moreover, this software allows users to create ringtones to an accuracy of about one hundredth of a second. With BlackBerryRing ToneMaker, users can now select which ringtone as well as which part of it they wish to use.

Ringtone Shuffler is available for $3.95 and can be purchased and downloaded here. The BlackBerryRing ToneMaker can be purchased for $9.95 and can be downloaded here. This useful application supports the BlackBerry storm in addition to all the other models supported by Ringtone Shuffler.

Ringtone Shuffler supports the BlackBerry Curve, Curve 8900 series, 8800 series, Pearl, Bold and Pearl Flip. Ringtone shuffler requires the BlackBerry smartphone to have a media card inserted a minimum available space of 300kb. For the BlackBerry Curve, Pearl and 8800 series, Operating Systems 4.2, 4.3, 4.5, supports Ringtone Shuffler while for the BlackBerry Bold, Pearl Flip and Curve 8900, Operating System 4.6 is required. BlackBerryRing

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